Flower and Shrub Arrangements at Amusement Parks


This week on Art of Amusement Parks we are going to look at flower and shrub arrangements at amusement parks. The amusement parks we’ll be looking at this week are Canada’s Wonderland, Dorney Park, and Kings Island.

Main Flower and Shrub Arrangements

Flower and shrub arrangements are what make amusement parks very beautiful during those warm summer months. Some of these flower and shrub arrangements are less refine or very luxurious making way for picture perfect opportunities. During last week’s post, we made mention of the Royal Fountains at Canada’s Wonderland and Kings Island. At the front of both Royal Fountains at Canada’s Wonderland and Kings Island are some very attractive floral arrangements. The floral arrangement at Kings Island consists of a wonderful arrangement of colourful annuals.

Here is a photo of the flower arrangement found at Kings Island.
Here is a partial view of the flower arrangement on display once you enter he front gate at Kings Island. From left to right is my friend Travis, myself, and my twin brother Scott. This photo was taken during June 2016 by a kind passerby.


Whereas the floral arrangement found at Canada’s Wonderland features the Canadian flag. The Canadian flag floral emblem features red, white, and creamy yellow perennials. Both floral arrangements are the focus of attention as visitors enter the parks for the day.

Here is a view of the floral Canadian Flag at Canada's Wonderland on International Street. The flag displays a red and white flower arrangement.
The floral Canadian flag on International Street at Canada’s Wonderland.


When we continue alongside the Royal Fountains at Canada’s Wonderland, you notice the rows of shrubs and marigold flowers. The shrubs and marigolds enhance the experience for visitors as they walk alongside the Royal Fountains on International Street. Visitors can also observe the shrubs and marigold flowers as they eat at one of the fountain side patio tables. In turn, visitors at Kings Island can also enjoy the rowed shrubs alongside the Royal Fountains.

Here is a view of the flower and shrub arrangements along the Royal Fountains at Canada's Wonderland.
The marigold flowers and shrubs that line the Royal Fountains at Canada’s Wonderland.

Iconic Shrub Formations at Kings Island

Speaking of shrubs at Kings Island, let ‘s take a look at the iconic and magnificent shrub arrangements at the park. The two iconic shrub arrangements are found nearby the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Carousel. The first shrub arrangement that visitors come across is the giant iconic Living Liberty Bell. The Living Liberty Bell has been a huge tradition as well as a photo spot for many years at Kings Island. Another iconic shrub formation tradition also found nearby is the Floral Date. The Floral Date consists of a flower and shrub combination. The Floral Date tells visitors as what day it is they are visiting the park. It also serves as an amazing photo opportunity for visitors as they can have a photo captured in front.

Here is a view of the Floral Date at Kings Island. It consists of a flower and shrub arrangement.
The Floral Date at Kings Island on July 9th, 2014.
Here is a view of the Living Liberty bell at Kings island. It is a large hanging shrub shaped as a bell.
Here is the Living Liberty Bell at Kings Island. The left photo shows the Living Liberty Bell on July 9th, 2014 and the photo of the right shows it on June 16th, 2016.

Kings Island’s Floral Clock

Since we have just discussed the Floral Date, let us take a look at the Floral Clock. The Floral Clock has also been a signature feature of the landscaping efforts at Kings Island since opening year as it rests behind the Eiffel Tower. Not only is the Floral Clock a decorative landscape piece, it also tells visitors the time as it’s large arms move around, just like a regular clock.


Interestingly enough, the idea for the Floral Clock at Kings Island derived from its precursor, Coney Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Floral Clock at Kings Island is a large round clock with large arms covered in ivy. Throughout the years, it appears that the floral design changes as noted in the comparative photo below. Although its appearance changes every so often, it still manages to successfully tell the time throughout the years. It is also serves a perfect place to capture a group photo of your visit. Now that we looked at the most extravagant floral and shrub landscaping elements, let’s now take a look at the less refined ones.

Here is a view of the floral clock at Kings Island. The Floral clock features a flower arrangement.
Here is the Floral clock at Kings Island. The photo on the left is of the Floral Clock on July 9th, 2014 and the photo of the right is of the Floral Clock on June 16th, 2016.

More Attractive Flowerbeds and Shrubbery at Canada’s Wonderland

As we venture back to Canada’s Wonderland for a little while, you will come to notice many subtle yet attractive flowerbeds and shrubs. Many of these flowerbeds are not only found alongside paths, but also ride queue lines and the rides as well. A few very well implemented examples of flowerbeds can be found throughout the park. These examples include the flowerbeds nearby the Kidzville Station ride, the flowerbed along the way to Planet Snoopy from Medieval Faire, and the flowers right beside Shockwave nearby the queue line. In late May, the flowers are planted. They tend to keep their beauty until the end of October as the park closes fro the season.

Here is a view of the Kidzville Station ride with an arrangement of flowers nearby. The flowers are pink and red in colour.
Kidzville Station at Canada’s Wonderland with a flowerbed nearby.
Here is a view of multi-coloured marigold flowers nearby the entrance to Planet Snoopy at Canada's Wonderland. The flower arrangement consists of orange, yellow, and red marigolds.
Flowerbed consisting of various coloured marigolds nearby the entrance to Planet Snoopy.








Here is a view of vibrant red flowers nearby Shockwave at Canada's Wonderland.
Vibrant red flowers located nearby Shockwave’s queue line.




Judging by my own personal observation earlier in the 2016 season, a landscaping crew at Canada’s Wonderland can effectively make up a beautiful small flowerbed in half an hour or less. It sure takes a lot of team work and dedication to make Canada’s Wonderland such a beautiful place as expressed through landscaping. Canada’s Wonderland is home to many other beautiful flowerbeds, so many in fact that we could not mention all of them here. You will have to visit Canada’s Wonderland yourself to take in the true beauty of the park.

More Shrubs at Canada’s Wonderland

There are also many shrubs that dot the park’s landscape as well, some of which that are worth mentioning. The greatest examples of shrubbery at Canada’s Wonderland apart from International Street is when you venture from International Street towards Action Zone. As you walk along there, you will notice the low lying shrubs that attractively line the paths heading into Action Zone. Visitors may not notice the shrub arrangements but, they do subconsciously enhance the visitors’ experience.

Flowerbeds at Dorney Park

Interestingly enough, not all flowers added within the parks are colourful and bright. Dorney Park in Pennsylvania displays a great example of this. Dorney Park is a smaller amusement park located north of Philadelphia, in Allentown. The park is shaded with a great amount of foliage. Not all annual flowers can bear this amount of shade. Instead of giving up, Dorney Park has added many beautiful hosta plants within the flowerbeds alongside the paths. Hosta plants do not produce much colour but, they do provide wonderful pinkish-purple chutes once they do bloom. Ground cover flowers that can also bear the shade also line the flowerbeds.  Along with the shade bearing flowers, are some lively shrubs that capture the attention of visitors as they enjoy their day at the park.

Here is a view of shrubs and flowers that line a path at Dorney Park. The shrubs are green.
The Flowers and shrubs that line a path at Dorney Park on June 25th, 2015.


As you now know, flower and shrub arrangements make the landscape at amusement parks beautiful. Next time you’re at an amusement park, be sure to take in the beauty of flowers that make amusement parks such stunning places. Next week, we will be looking at the usage of trees at amusement parks. This will sure be a topic you do not want to miss! Until next week, be sure to check out these stunning photos of the landscaping at Canada’s Wonderland during May 2012 thanks to Paul Drabek via Negative G.