Addition of Fountains at Amusement Parks


In the previous post, we looked at and discussed the natural landscape features at amusement parks. These natural features consisted of ponds and streams at Canada’s Wonderland.  This week, I am here to discuss the addition of fountains at amusement parks. Canada’s Wonderland and Kings Island will be the amusement parks of subject throughout this post.

Just like ponds and streams, fountains play a huge role in terms of landscaping at amusement parks. Fountains tend to have a soothing and relaxing sound as the water trickles, hitting the pool of water below. Many of these fountains can be the main feature attraction as you enter the park for the day. They may also be alongside paths, or interacting with some of the largest rides within the park. In the next following paragraphs, we will look at some interesting fountains located at Canada’s Wonderland and Kings Island.

Here is a photo of the Royal Fountains at Canada's Wonderland. There is a family standing in front of the fountains. There are willow trees lining the fountains.
The Royal Fountains in mid height at Canada’s Wonderland.


The Major Fountains

First, let us take a look at the two main fountains that Canada’s Wonderland and Kings Island have in common. Visitors are greeted by the Royal Fountains when they enter either park for the day. These fountains have been a part of the decorative landscaping at Canada’s Wonderland and Kings Island since 1981 and 1972, respectively.
The Royal Fountains impress many visitors each year as they are central of International Street. They lead their way up to the iconic formations of the parks. Those formations are a 1/3 quarter scale Eiffel Tower at Kings Island standing 300 feet tall and Wonder Mountain at Canada’s Wonderland which overlooks International Street. Wonder Mountain is also home to three roller coasters. The Royal Fountains are not only beautiful during the day. They come to life at night as coloured lights illuminate onto the fountains, creating a dazzling display for all to see.

Here is a view of the Royal Fountains at Kings Island. There are three rows of fountains in a pool. Standing behind is a replica of the Eiffel tower.
The Royal Fountains at Kings Island.


Also, Wonder Mountain has Victoria Falls emitting tons of water off the front, flowing into the Royal Fountains. The only add to the spectacular display. It is of note to mention that Victoria Falls is also home to Victoria Falls’ High Divers who dive off Wonder Mountain from Victoria Day until Labour Day each season. Branching out from International Street at both Canada’s Wonderland and Kings Island, let us take a look at fountains which interact with some of the parks’ feature attractions.


Beyond International Street

When we venture behind Wonder Mountain at Canada’s Wonderland, you will notice a red suspended roller coaster known as Vortex. Vortex has been operating since 1991. Vortex operates within the International Festival section of the park. From 1991 until early 2016, Vortex operated without water fountains near the helices which go over the stream. It was not until July 2016 they were added as Vortex celebrated 25 years of operation in 2016. The addition of the water fountains definitely add to the park’s landscape as well as make Vortex even more photogenic. Although the water fountains added do not interact with Vortex, they do add to the visual experience as Vortex’s trains race by, only nearly missing the trains keeping the passengers dry.

Here is a photo of a fountain located next to the Vortex roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland. The roller coaster is red.
One of the two fountains located nearby Vortex at Canada’s Wonderland.


Here is a photo of Diamondback's trains going through the splashdown element. Diamondback is red and brown.
Here is one of Diamondback’s trains going through the splashdown element.

When you venture out to the Rivertown section of the park at Kings Island, you are greeted by the Diamondback roller coaster. Diamondback opened in 2009 at Kings Island and has a very special illusion you do not find on many steel roller coasters. Diamondback’s special illusion is the splashdown effect. From a bystander’s point of view, it would appear that the passengers on Diamondback would get soaked, especially judging by the name of the element. But in fact, the passengers stay completely dry while the train whizzes through the splashdown element, as it approaches the final brake-run. Although, I am sure that many would agree the splashdown element would be welcoming on those hot Ohio summer days.


The Fountains in Action Zone at Canada’s Wonderland

As we venture back to Canada’s Wonderland, let’s head over to the Acton Zone section of the park. Action Zone is home to some of the park’s most decorative fountains, even though they have been altered over time. Back in 1981, Action Zone opened with the park as Grande World Exposition of 1890. It showcased rides and attractions themed to many (former and current) countries of the World. For the 2002 season, The Grande World Exposition of 1890 would receive a re-theme to its current theme, Action Zone. Originally, the two fountains located within Action Zone were very decorative. These two fountains continue to enhance the experience of visitors as they add to the landscape. The first fountain is located nearby the Antique Carousel.


The second fountain in Action Zone is located across from the Fighter Town Funnel Cakes shop. Although both of these fountains are constructed of concrete, fenced off with low black railings, and the interior painted a light blue. These fountains are rather relaxing and appealing as the water trickles in the pool below.

The Medieval Faire Fountain

Before we head back to Kings Island, let’s quickly venture through the rest of Canada’s Wonderland, looking at the rest of the fountains that dot the park’s landscape. As we leave Action Zone and head across International Street, we arrive at the Medieval Faire section of the park. Once you have arrived, you will notice an extremely decorative medieval themed fountain. This fountain, located outside of Wonderland Theatre has been catching the attention of visitors since the park’s opening in 1981. It has been the focus of photo opportunities throughout the years as well, as it features a knight slaying a dragon atop the fountain. Also, there is pseudo styled messages engraved near the base of the fountain warning visitors not to take a drink.

The Medieval themed fountain located outside of Wonderland Theatre at Canada's Wonderland. The fountain features a night slaying a dragon atop the fountain.
The Medieval themed fountain located outside of Wonderland Theatre at Canada’s Wonderland.

More Fountains Within Medieval Faire

As we continue to tour Medieval Faire, there is another fountain to the left, located within Arthur’s Bay. Although it enhances the landscape and the atmosphere, this fountain is mostly keeps the water flowing and deters the algae from growing in the pond. Further along in the Mediaval Faire section, we come across Leviathan’s sign to our right. Leviathan opened in 2012 as Canada’s tallest and fastest coaster, at a whopping 306 feet, reaching speeds up to 92 mph (148 km/h). The coaster’s sign features the head of the mythological Leviathan, with a slowly tickly rock formation fountain below. Leviathan’s fountain as well is a spot to create memories as many visitors stop and take a photo during their visit.

Planet Snoopy Fountains

Here is a photo of one of the fountains located nearby the Planet Snoopy bridge.
One of the fountains located near the Planet Snoopy bridge.

Now, let’s detour to the Planet Snoopy section of the park before travelling 8 hours back to Kings Island in Ohio. As you cross the rainbow coloured bridge into the child friendly Planet Snoopy, you a greeted with the soothing, trickling sound of the water fountains located in the pond below on both sides of the bridge. These fountains also act as a decorative part of landscaping, while circulating the water to keep the algae from forming.

Travelling Back to Kings Island

Now, we are heading back to Kings Island to look at one last fountain. This fountain been a part of the decorative landscaping efforts at Kings Island since opening day back in 1972. Located within the Oktoberfest section of the park, located off to the left of International Street, is the Oktoberfest pond. The large fountain is visible to visitors within the Oktoberfest section. It is visible to them either from the pathways nearby or from the Bier Garten patio.


Visitors to Kings Island may also notice the large fountain while they ride Viking’s Fury. It is a large swinging ship ride that swings over the far edge of the Oktoberfest pond. This fountain, due to its large size is quite photogenic, especially when the Vikings Fury is operating.

The Conclusion and Beyond

I hope you enjoyed learning about the addition of water fountains at amusement parks! Next week, we’re heading land bound and taking a look at flower and shrub arrangements at amusement parks. It sure will whet your appetite for the beauty of landscaping at amusement parks! In the meantime, be sure to follow along on our Facebook page!