Art of Amusement Parks is a website dedicated to the extensive landscaping efforts that you observe while at your favourite place of thrills and excitement, the amusement park. In the weeks and months that follow, you will be able read extensive and detailed posts about the landscaping efforts that go into amusement parks which I have visited. Not only will there be in depth articles about the various types of landscaping at amusement parks, there will be attractive photos to accompany them as you read along. Not only is the excitement of landscaping at amusement parks featured here on Art of Amusement Parks, but it’s also featured on one of many social media platforms which feature more attractive landscaping photos and keeps you updated as to when a new post is created.  You may follow Art of Amusement Parks on social media by clicking one of the many links below.


I hope by visiting Art of Amusement Parks, you will come to discover that landscaping is just as thrilling and exciting as the rides and attractions which can be found at amusement parks!