Welcome to Art of Amusement Parks! Here at Art of Amusement Parks, dedication is given to the extensive landscaping efforts that you observe while at your favourite place of thrills and excitement, the amusement park. I feel it is time to give credit by dedicating a website to all those who spend extensive hours making amusement parks not only a place of thrills, but a place of splendor.

In the following weeks and months as Art of Amusement Parks progresses, there will be weekly posts on the blog section of this website which look at and discuss the various aspects of landscaping at amusement parks, particularly those which I have visited. As you may already know, landscaping teams at amusement parks here in North America and around the World spend extensive hours working the grounds and preparing them for our enjoyment, in other words to enhance our experience as we spend a day of getting thrilled and possibly even forgetting our hectic working lives that we lead. Not only will you see in depth articles about landscaping at amusement parks, you will also learn some interesting reasons as to why the landscaping at a particular park was done in a certain way. Also to accompany these in depth articles will be highly attractive photos which will showcase the beauty amusement parks have to offer.

This photo consists of a flowerbed located within Action Zone section of the park at Canada's Wonderland. The flowerbed consists of purple and red flowers.As you continue to discover Art of Amusement Parks, you will come to notice the many navigational tabs on this website which will be of benefit to you, to further your exploration and interest of amusement parks and landscaping found within them. You will be able to explore previous blog posts from the past which I have created prior to your visit by navigating to the right of this introduction. You as the visitor will also have the ability to interact with Art of Amusement Parks through the enabled comments section on this website as well through various social media platforms which you can follow us on to keep updated and in touch. Our social media platforms not only feature new post updates, but also extra content and photos that are not featured here, at Art of Amusement Parks. Since social media platforms are enabled, you will also be able to share posts from my blog featured on this website easily with your friends. You can easily connect with us by clicking any of the social media platform links below!

Be sure to follow Art of Amusement Parks as you will come to discover that landscaping is just as thrilling and exciting as the rides and attractions which can be found at amusement parks! Also, you will come to discover that rides themselves tend to have a factor on landscaping. So, I ask you to please remain seated in an upright position, with your back and head against the seat back, and keep all parts of your body inside the car at all times as we head forward into the exciting and interesting World of landscaping at amusement parks! Enjoy the ride!